What is DMARC?

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DMARC means Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, and is used to protect email delivery of senders and recipients from spam, spoofing and phishing attack. It allows domain owner to publish a policy that defines its email authentication practices and provides instructions to receiving mail servers for how to enforce them. Actually DMARC is not […]

What is SPF (Sender Policy Framework?)

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The word SPF means Sender Policy Framework, it is used to help fight against spam, spoofing, and phishing for both email senders and email recipients. It also means email authentication for receiving and sending email legally. When the newsletter or email sends with SPF identity, it means that email message is sent from the authorized […]

Why email database cleaning is required?

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Email list becomes 8-15%, not for use on year to year bases. This is because many people change email domains, many email subscribers leave jobs or get retired. Some companies often change their domain. Many professionals go on long leave as the main reason they do not open emails regularly, some subscriber makes duplicate email […]