Understanding PTR Record and why my emails go in Spam 

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  PTR record term can be understood by actually it is IP pointing to the domain.  It is also known as reverse DNS record. It is so-called reverse DNS record because it acts as an opposite to Domain Name System. A Domain Name System is used to point domains to IP addresses but in case of PTR record or known as reverse DNS […]

How to prevent Hacking and manage safety of your website


What is a website mean to you? Is it only template or tool where you put your business details? A Website represents your online identity and brand to your clients.  A Website can also be representing your business history and your background in particular industry you offer products or services.  This website plays important a […]

Telesales in Business Development

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Telemarketing is very important medium to find your direct sales leads like you get in email marketing and SMS Marketing Services. Since past few years, telecom companies have made their call rates cheaper, it is now manageable for companies to target its sales goal through telemarketing services.  Telesales can be effective than SMS marketing and […]