Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services are the best in online marketing of your products and services because you directly connect with the concerned person associated with key decision makers of the company.

Email Marketing services are best to find you leads that generate business, maybe your online business or offline business, you get a chance to update regarding your products and services to your end users.

We are offering affordable Dedicated Email Servers to send out daily emails. The Email Server is available on all of our dedicated hosting packages with prices starting at 50USD a month with full software setup and testing done.

With our email VPS server, we can assure of 98% inbox delivery without any bounce rate. Your emails will reach the recipients that have accepted to receive your newsletters.

Dedicated Servers allows you to host reliable, email accounts. Set up domain names and configure unique email addresses that can be used within an email client.

You can send both bulk email and transactional email through our VPS server.

Advantage of our service

  • Low Cost
  • Over 98% email delivery rates
  • Instant Account Creation & Setup
  • Dedicated IP address for each account
  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting
  • Unlimited storage of contacts per account
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • Email Template builder

How much it will cost and how much can I send?

50USD per month; you can send up to 600000 emails per month. 20000 emails per day.

Do you give any free credits to use, how much open rate we get on your platform?

Yes, we give you 2000 emails free, you can run the campaign and track your open rates.

You can use different SMTP service like Elastic mailer, Sendgrid, Sparkpost  on our platform and we will not charge for extra amount from you.

We are cheaper them amazon SES and also effective in open rates.

How can we contact you for demo account?

Send us email :

 What we Offer you

  • High-End Servers for better delivery of inbox
  • Multiple templates and Easy Drag and Drop option to create a template as per your size and requirement.
  • Import/Export your List
  • Segments
  • Autoresponders
  • Spam Test
  • No contract and more.

Email Server -1

You can also rent an email server from us for just 10,000INR per month.

You can send around 1500000 to 2000000 emails every month easily.

2 CPU Cores
80 GB SSD Storage
4 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
4000 Mbps Network Out

Email Server -2 

We Also offer Email Server on monthly rental @ 3500INR+ Tax /month(50USD). You can send 600000-800000 emails every month easily. unique IP assigned per user.


Email Server Configuration as follows:

1 CPU Core
50 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
2000 Mbps Network Out


Email Server -3

You can also rent an email server from us for just 1500INR per month.

You can send around 100000-125000 emails every month easily.

1 CPU Cores
25 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out


Reliable and  Effective Email Marketing Services  With Our latest Cloud-Based Email Delivery.

Enjoy unlimited contacts and unleash the power of proper segmentation

No commitment to continue our services.

Shared IP Plan Below 

 Email Credits                       Pricing Monthly 
50000 emails    $10USD
100000 emails   $15USD
200000 emails   $25USD         
400000 emails   $50USD
 SPECIAL PLAN 20000 emails  $5USD(300INR)


Kindly Note: Taxes extra if applicable.

Our team will be happy to assist you with email marketing requirements.

Send us email Contact : 0091 8390237760