How to choose right VPS provider


VPS is Virtual Private Server used to host static or dynamic websites.  Virtual Private server means it is actually software installed on a dedicated hardware server. A physical dedicated server is divided by software installed on it, capable of working independently as a dedicated server with unique IP Address. Thus if any problem arises on any VPS server will not have any impact on other VPS. VPS acts as like dedicated server and it gives you control on root level and Cpanel as you get in the dedicated server.  But you are still sharing the same CPU, RAM, and bandwidth on the same server with other VPS installed. VPS is very cheap since you can install hundreds of software on single dedicated machines and this reduces pricing. So, in VPS plan you have an advantage over high performance for your website and slightly high price as compare to shared hosting.  VPS is chosen for high performance, security and more features as compare to share hosting.

When you first start working on making your business online, you may have come across many questions about the domain, hosting and website design.  In this article, we will discuss only choosing correct VPS hosting for your website. You may be confused about going for shared hosting or dedicated or VPS hosting for your website.  If your business is small or your website traffic is low or your website is a just 5-page static website, then I would suggest you should go for shared hosting, since it is having low features but its cost is very less as compare to VPS.  But in another case, your business is growing and has a more traffic to your website, then I would say you should go for VPS hosting. If you have the e-commerce store, then I recommend you should go for compulsory dedicated or VPS hosting depending on business volume, transaction, and traffic on your website. The other problem with shared hosting is that if any website domain gets blacklisted by Spam assign organization, then your domain will also be affected as you are also hosted on the same IP. So in short, you may be a victim of others mischievous activity. When your traffic starts growing fast, you have to be careful, since large traffic on shared hosting will not allow a website to load fast, it takes time to load your website and sometimes your website may be down as a result of large traffic and limited RAM and bandwidth. Thus you do not have satisfactory website uptime and performance; as a result, you may lose your business.

Dedicated hosting is very costly and may not be correct options as your requirement may be low.  Dedicated servers should be used when you have a very high number of visitor traffic on your website or you have you handle online financial transaction or you send a large number of emails through your own system or your website is consuming large space.  This is the main reason why many companies do not prefer dedicated hosting as their requirement is less. To fulfill this gap, VPs has been introduced as it is virtual in nature and can get your memory and bandwidth as per your requirement.  It is also cheaper and has same feature comparing to a dedicated server.


Points to be noted down when you buy VPS:

  1. Firstly when you approach a VPS provider you should ask him that the services provided to you are managed or unmanaged. Unmanaged means they do not offer you maintenance, in case your software is corrupted or you may come across some security issues then you will be responsible for the admin support and not the service provider. You will be responsible to monitor server allotted to you by all time. Any problem rises then you will be responsible for the action. For this you should have a good knowledge about the subject matters like restart server, repairing, shutting down and rebooting the server. In case of a managed server, the service provider will take care of the all the problem raises while in operation, annual maintenance and software updating. But you have to pay more in the managed server; it is always recommended that you take managed server over an unmanaged server.
  2. Secondly, when it comes to operating system, your operating system is Linux or Microsoft Windows, this is mostly used in commercial service today. Linux is open source and also less costly compared to windows, it also runs the major application on its platform, but still, there is little application which is running well on windows. Windows might be a costly option but it depends which application you are running. Mostly Linux is preferred due to operating cost and maintenance.
  3. Third important part is server configuration. Your server overall performance depends upon hardware used on the platform, RAM allocated and your processor CPU with Bandwidth.
  4. Another point which we should take note down is that your power backup. In case your server power failure takes place; your server will be down for the time. You should ask about the power source for your server at the data center in case of emergency. Also, datacenter and server provider should take care of your database backup.
  5. And lastly, you have to see customer support given by your service provider. How much time they take to reply your ticket when you raised a ticket. They should be available within 4 hrs, else many companies offer less cost on VPS but take up to 48 hrs to reply to your email. In case of emergency, you cannot wait for 48 hrs for your problem, this may also have negative on your brand.

If your VPS provider is covering all the services we mention in our article then try to check the pricing. Because pricing will hold the key while selecting your VPS as it will increase your investment in the business.

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