Before Buying Web Hosting Space


As a website owner or website development agencies, you may have some questions about buying web hosting space. We may also have a bad experience in past with some of the hosting companies or we may be a victim of fraud companies. Before buying hosting you must know what is your need and how much will it increase by next 2 years. Does the hosting provider give your entire need to present and by next 2 years? Keep in mind because to migrate your website from one server to another you need to have technical knowledge about it. There are many points to be cleared before buying hosting space.

Be caution about price trap

You may have come across on the internet about companies offering free hosting or hosting at much cheaper rates. Do not fall into the trap because these companies do not have future, and they often shut down the business and run away sometimes without information to their clients. Sometimes you may come across companies offering low cost but forcing you to an advertisement on web space, which can have a bad impact on your business as the ad space can be bought out by your competitor. Thus you may lose business, so be careful about such companies making offers. Sometimes these companies have fewer features as compare to standard hosting companies. They do not invest in web online security as a result when they are a victim of such online attacks they could not help you with loss of data or information.

Be caution about reseller account service providers

Normally reseller may not be a good option but it is not always the case. You can buy hosting from reseller service providers but be aware that they have the full technical knowledge, often, the resellers do not have the technical knowledge and the problem arise have taken a new turn if not solved on time. Also, a reseller may offer fewer rates as compared to big companies, but they can shut down their business any time. Also, these resellers do not offer proper customer service. Always try to check company history from which you are buying services. How many clients have they served and how much is the satisfactory rate of clients. Try to get some reference from their past client or present clients.

Be caution about database backup

Always be aware when it comes to a database of your website, you have to take your own responsibility for database backup. Normally big hosting companies always keep updating their client’s data backup. But smaller companies may not keep database backup, so any emergency arise, you should have your own database source updated from time to time. You should have phone numbers and telephone contact about your website host; since in the emergency time, when your host provider is affected by any malicious attack, they may put down hosting for several days, so you are prepared to have their emergency contact details. If you are an agency and you may have several websites host on single platform be aware and try to keep financial related website on other account, since if server is down, then all websites on the platform will be down, so at least website with online financial transaction should be put on good server, so that you get faster customer service response to solve the problem. Be careful that your hosting provider using latest software technology and updates to run the server as it may raise some security issues. If hosting providers do not update their servers on time, it may cause some problem in security holes.

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