Telesales in Business Development

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Telemarketing is very important medium to find your direct sales leads like you get in email marketing and SMS Marketing Services. Since past few years, telecom companies have made their call rates cheaper, it is now manageable for companies to target its sales goal through telemarketing services.  Telesales can be effective than SMS marketing and it also has some advantage over email marketing, this is because you get fast feedback on the phone as compare to SMS or Email Marketing. It is also more flexible and compelling than a sales letter.

But going for telemarketing may be a challenging option for the sales team as you need to have a person employed for cold calling having an art of convincing the concerned person about your products and services within few seconds when calling through the telephone. You have to first make sure that your telemarketer is having all the skills they need to convince about your business. First, you have to understand how telemarketing can be helpful to your business and then invest in infrastructure.

Planning a Telesales campaign

First of all your telemarketer should be clear about what he will be speaking to the client or customer. She/he should first go for checklist before making the cold call; he/she should understand dos and don’ts while making cold calling. Selling directly over the phone through cold calling may not be the realistic option and could damage your reputation. You can make cold calls for first introducing your business and then you can have a follow-up for sales or an appointment for a meeting.

You can also use telemarketing for your existing client or past clients who have used your products/services in past. You can take their review or feedback about how they think about your products and services. If you have successful building relationship with your past clients it is easy to use telesales to prompt repeat orders.

Before making cold calls, you need to make sure about legal issues about regulation covering unsolicited sales calls and consumers’ cancellation rights.

You have to make sure about latest telemarketing training been delivered to your employee with industry’s well-experienced trainers and coaches.

Before making a call, be sure you are approaching the right person, you need to have the proper database of the person or proper channel to approach. If you’re calling the wrong person, it is a possibility that you may end with some disputes or argument while making a cold call. People are not happy when you are called for wrong reasons or offers which they feel as disturbing. If a person is not interested in your offers, you have to make sure you should be able to finish the call as soon as possible. Be frank while you call, since people do not like telesales callers who hide information or do not introduce properly.

Be prepare what you have to say and how will you introduce yourself and how you will approach your offers and how you will close your calls. If your calls are well-planned and clear in goals then you are likely to have success in sales. Do not play prerecorded script while cold calling; you have to employ real person behind the phone.  People do not like to handle calls when they are called by some machines or prerecorded script.

You should train your employee building rapport and actively listen to what the contact wants, and not pushing for a sale.

Your employee should know how to prompt a positive response; also be ready for the deal with questions and objections.

Your employee should have right sales techniques and negotiation skills while making cold calling and they should know how and when to close a sale.



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