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Are you using Twitter for driving the traffic to your website or Blog? Twitter is a good platform for diverting the traffic to your website; it is best network place where you update your niche. People do often use Twitter to broadcast informal comments.  But if you use Twitter to market your business, then you can use this channel to fulfill your aim.

First of all, you have to display the Twitter button on your website and on each article with other social networking sharing buttons. The social sharing buttons should be fair visible to the person who read your blog. You also have to see that are the readers allowed to signup twitter from your website link and share their account.  I also insist that you can add recent Tweets box on your website or blog; this will help to get more insight into how popular your articles are to all new visitors.

Twitter also helps to build your brand through an online presence.  You can find all correct audience on Tweeter related to your niche, many are active and many of them are not know for much, but you can make them active by start following them and make friend circle. You should take time to tweet on other articles and profile as it will give them a chance to know about you and your blog, which directly promotes your articles or blog when they visit your profile. You also have to update your niche regularly as this build strong brand awareness to your followers.

You may also think what should I promote or tweet on twitter? Tweeting nonsense will destroy your brand and identity or it may not interest more audience or your current followers.  Below are some points you should promote on Twitter:

  1. Press Releases: You Press Release are key news to keep updated about your products and services to your customers or people who often buy your services. You need not post a full press release but just a link if enough to share on tweeting. Remember with press release be sure you also post the image about or related to the posted news. Tweets with images are often attracting to view and read to the audience.
  2. Try to post or share news related to your niche on your account as it will attract more people to join you on the platform.
  3. Start posting comments or tweets on each post, beware your tweets should be logical and understandable. Please do not post with complex English but use simple English to understand your comments or reviews to the audience. Suggestions related to your niche are more welcome when you tweet.
  4. You make sure that your profile on the tweeter is updated and all information is correct with your address, place, contact details and website link. Try to describe yourself on tweeter related to your blog or website services.
  5. Start following people who often tweet on your profile, and follow who do not tweet but he/she may be your followers.
  6. Have a good subject line or headline to your post.
  7. Start posting some humor or jokes related to your industry niche. After all, Twitter is social so fun is allowed but limited.
  8. Start posting interesting videos and clips from internet related to your niche or blog; this will make your audience engaged on your profile.
  9. You are limited to 140 words on Twitter, so your tweets should be covered most points in a short sentence.
  10. Try to customize your account with images related to your niche or blog.
  11. If you are posting the link on Twitter, be sure that your link should be shortened by URL shortener websites that are available online. This will help to cut the space and looks attractive to clickable by your followers.
  12. Please make sure that your tweet should not be copied from any source or you should not buy any readymade tweets from the internet. Fake tweets will destroy your brand and identity


So Twitter is social and has reached billions of audience worldwide. Take your time to connect more friends, start chatting with others and engaged more audience to your profile.





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