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How do I promote my blog? We everyone has faced this question when we just started a new blog in the beginning. You may find many ways to promote your blog content with different online channels, but before you start promoting your blog, you have to do some homework about the content and grammar in your articles before they reach to the proper audience.  And also keep in mind that you need to check how many articles you have posted on the blog, be sure you at least post a couple of articles on your blog. So that readers will get engaged on the other topics you have to share. You can use Email Marketing, Paid Content Website shares, AdSense program, Social Media platform, SEO, Blog Partners etc.

Here we go with the more on each topic:

Email marketing:

Email marketing is most effective and reliable method of reaching directly to your audience.  You must first take initiative to build a proper email list and working continuously to grow on the count. The bigger the list of the subscriber the more audience you divert to your blog. You can ask your Facebook, LinkedIn connections or followers to receive your newsletters. You can also introduce newsletter form to add subscribers from an organic search engine. Remember email opens rate is high when you send your newsletter on Monday and gradually it decreased low as days passed in a week. But it has peaked on Thursday. So that means your email open on Thursdays will get a more open rate. Best time to read emails by many subscribers is mostly by noon or by tea time. This survey was published by MailChimp. Today 60% of emails are open on mobile so you have to make sure that your blog should be a mobile optimized template. If your newsletter is HTML version, you shall receive less open rate because some email ISPs will filter your email in spam or promotional folder. Try to use fewer images in your newsletter to avoid being trapped in filters. Text version of email has more open rates as compare to HTML version. HTML will give you more click-through rates but less open rate as compared to the text version of the newsletter. Try to avoid Spam keywords in your newsletter module as ISPs often mark an email as spam if they have to find spam keywords. Do not send email newsletter often as many subscribers will mark you spam which may make a problem for your server IP on the blacklist. Try to use social sharing bottoms in a newsletter, you may get shared by your subscribe through his social network if your article is interesting.

Community promotion:

Community promotion also can make a high impact on your article, if it has the hot topic covered it can be made viral very fast. You can share your articles on related online forums or community sites on the internet. This will allow more forum users to read and share your blog in the forum and start discussing the topic.  Online forums also share their daily articles on social networking pages or groups and email newsletters.

Facebook Promotion:

You can share your articles on your Facebook post and Facebook page or group. Try to make a separate Facebook page for your articles and also try to start a new group on Facebook related to your blog discussion. Start building your audience by inviting them to your Facebook page and Facebook group. So by this way you get chance to divert Facebook audience to your blog.

LinkedIn Promotion:

LinkedIn is the best platform where you can share your articles on groups and your profile, your connections or group member can get chance to view and comment on your article. You try to follow-up them if any comments made by your connections or your LinkedIn member. This will help to make your article viral on LinkedIn.

Other Social Media Platform:

You can also try tweeter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Google + for promoting your blog. Remember you have to post blog link on social media profiles. Your social Media profiles visitors will get a chance to read your blog and divert to read if he/she is interested. Also, make sure to see email newsletter to social sharing, this also has high impact to reach a maximum audience. Start reading online blogs on Google search engine to know more about social media targeting.

Blog Partners

You can make your blog partners promote and share your blog, your social connection, or your blog reader who posts comments on your blog or you can make blog partners with other bloggers to share one another articles on the internet. Try to mention to blog readers to share this blog by email or social button as blog readers can also become your blog partners. This way it can divert as many as possible reader audience to your blog. You can also try barter system with different channels/platform to promote their services with on your blog and in return, you can feature your Blog link or LOGO

Paid Promotion

You can also invest in paid promotion through social media platform, SEO, or AdSense program, or buy web space at high traffic websites to feature your post. You can also buy direct advertisement web space to from blogs/web pages to promote your blog.  Try AdSense program like Tobola, Google Ads, Bling Ads, Etc. You can try PPC or CPI media on AdSense to divert direct traffic.

Free Directory listing

You can take time to post your blog or articles on free listing websites where you can promote blog name, link, and images. You can search for free directory listing or yellow pages websites to feature your blog on their platform.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO is responsible to bring more than 50% of traffic to blog/website through search engine.  For SEO promotion, you must know that keywords with high Google ranking make high possibility to improve your website on Google ranking. When you write articles to try to focus points related to keywords having high Google ranking, this will make your Google algorithm to bring related articles on top ranking. Try to add keywords in Meta description and try to use a keyword in your page title tag at the beginning. Do not forget to include a keyword in the main headline and subheadings of your blog post. Google like to see your keyword within 100 words of your blog.  Beware that your blog should not look like spam for Google as keywords should not often or unnecessarily add to your blog.  Try to add backlinks to your articles as Google likes articles with a backlink.  Try to write good headlines to your articles, this is very important for readers to open the article and read the content.

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