Why email database cleaning is required?

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Email list becomes 8-15%, not for use on year to year bases. This is because many people change email domains, many email subscribers leave jobs or get retired. Some companies often change their domain. Many professionals go on long leave as the main reason they do not open emails regularly, some subscriber makes duplicate email IDs or fake emails IDs which they do not want to receive your newsletters. ISP will mark sender server IP as blacklisted.

Email scrubbing is also known as list cleaning, it is a process in which your email ids are scan for bad or invalid addresses. You may find many companies offering email cleaning services but it is not always given 100% correct results. This point is very important and should be noted.

Cleaning your email database is very essential today to maximize open rates, as the list grows older it adds dead emails, spam traps, undelivered or not in use email ids which helps to send newsletter campaign to the spam box.

Cleaning your email database will help to decrease Bounces, complaints and spam trap hits caused by invalid or fraudulent email addresses reduce the number of emails that make it to the inbox.

But cleaning list does not guarantee you the spam trap removal, honeypot email Ids, which plays a curial role in email delivery. But it minimizes at some level.

If you have more than 5% bounce rate you are likely to get 56% email delivery in spam.

Database cleaning for following reasons:

Accurate Syntax Engine:

Sophisticated Email Correction:

Thorough Spam Trap Suppression:

Proprietary Domain Database:

Comprehensive Mailbox Check:

Detailed Status Codes:

Email Activity Metrics:

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