Understanding Spam

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Spam has become a big talk of speech over the last decade in email marketing business. Spam means Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited messages (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site.


We have to talk very good steps as our email may not be delivered to the spam box and we do not receive any email in Spam. Spam percentage depends upon the wide range of reasons, it can be mass mailing, or through bad servers/IPs, or keywords or frequent sending. Spam also depends upon sending email receiving relation between both the parties.


Spam can be via email messages, Blogging is also known as Blom, Phone Messaging, Social Networking Spam, Blog Comments etc.


Spam is a crime as do not indulge in spam, as it will destroy your reputation in the market. Spam does not bring any good business but can lead to trouble with Can-Spam Act.


How to avoid your Email as Spam Delivery:


Check your Spam Keywords

Clean your email list periodically

Do not buy email List from Internet

Do not use third Party email list.

Do not send the frequent email newsletter

Check your subject line for spam words

Do not send advertorial newsletter, instead mix your newsletter with the informative topic discussion.

Do not write long or lengthy email messages

Build your own email list, ask your clients to receive your email newsletter

Do not be spammers

Use mobile-friendly newsletter templates

Use high definition images for your templates.

Use proper senders name and email ID.

Use correct information about your services.

Do not send an email newsletter to the public domain like yahoo,Gmail.etc.

Abide by CAN SPAM Act.

Should separate Gmail IDs, as Gmail has limitation to receive emails per hourly.

Do not insert large images or many small images in your email newsletter, it maintains a ratio.

Avoid CAPLOCKS of Subject line.

Use good Domain; Check your domain being blacklisted.

The subject line should be accordance with email content

Do not use CAPLOCKS words in whole sentence or heading topic to attract subscribers; else it will be in the spam filter.


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