Paid Hosting Versus Free Hosting

Digital Marketing Hosting

You may have heard old saying that “There is no free food” it means that no service being offered free of cost unless it has some intention behind it. The same applies to hosting companies, if you Google on the internet you may come across companies offering free hosting services, they may look attractive but in the end, you may feel that you have made mistake. Many companies come up with the first-year free domain, but they start charging from you when it comes from the second or third year. They make their own rates for second or third year charging rates and you cannot negotiate with it, but you have to accept their own rates.

Normally these free service providers are startups companies who come with a big discount and low margin rates if they do not make proper sales over the period than most of the companies’ shutdown.

Sometimes these freebies do not last for more time, and often it is seen that they send emails to end users that now free service are going to closed or company has decided to end its free service and only paid will be available. Now they also make own rates and you have to either continue or discontinue the paid services. Worst is the case, if your data is not taken backup then clients will not be able to recover it fully.

Free hosting service provider do not invest money in security of servers, as a result when they are attacked by attackers you are lost with them They will just say our servers have been attacked and we cannot do anything to recover your data, also here you cannot blame these freebie companies because you have not paid for it.

You cannot sell your blog to any third party, as it has been directed in the terms and conditions. Now here comes a problem, you cannot sell them, share or transfer your blogs to any another person. If you try to do so and they come to know about your wrongdoing they will immediately close your service, cancel your blog or website and terminate from a search engine.


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