Do you have low email open rate?

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Many clients complain about low open rate with their email campaign. There are many reasons why we receive low open rate as compare to industry’s survey. The email open rate depends upon the industry to industry; we shall discuss few points below:


  1. Your Email Header has to be attractive to catch the direct attention of your clients.
  2. Your content or email campaign may not be relevant to subscribers.
  3. Your list may be purchased from the internet. Try to build your own list. You will receive a good response if you have subscribed email users.
  4. You have to control your sending frequency.
  5. Remove Gmail Accounts from the list as Gmail has a restriction for receiving per hour.
  6. Spam keywords to be avoided.
  7. You should write good content with informative and not just advertisement content.
  8. Use good images and attractive newsletter.
  9. Always use unsubscribe link bottom of the newsletter body.
  10. Do not hide your own identity.
  11. Send email campaign through your own domain and not public domain like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff.
  12. 15% email Open rate can be good
  13. Your email list may have some old contacts
  14. Do not use Re: FW: at the beginning of the subject line, initially it may work, but afterward, the subscriber may lose interest in the email.
  15. Do not use spam keywords like a discount, free in the subject line.


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